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terça-feira, setembro 28, 2010

Australia Pro:

Abu Dhabi Pro World Cup - Australian Qualifier 2011
from Luke Beston

Mr Alex Prates, Australian Director for the Abu Dhabi World Cup has released some exciting details for the 2011 Australian Qualifier for the Abu Dhabi World Pro Cup. Last year's qualifier was a great success with a strong team representing Australia in the World Cup in Abu Dhabi, but with many improvements the next qualifier is sure to be even more hotly contested. The biggest change is that Prize Money will be awarded with a massive $4000 USD to the winner of the open weight combined Brown and Black Belt Division and $1000 USD for runner up. This will make the qualifier one of the highest paying grappling tournaments in Australian history.

Purple Belts will now have their own divisions with two weight classes.

In another exciting development, this tournament will now be open to athletes of any nationality now giving our resident stars a chance to compete. The event will be televised on Abu Dhabi Sports TV in the Emirates, and in a number of other countries.

Event organiser Mr Alex Prates said "The Abu Dhabi World Pro Cup have established a circuit point system, with our qualifier being rated as 5 stars. With such big prize money on offer we are going to see some of the best action ever with the best of Australia, and hopefully we will see many top international competitors travel here also."

The event is scheduled for February 2011 - for more information please contact Alex Prates:
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